Common Questions


How to I start an account with AdaptPOS?

Option 1) Call 866-279-6716 x 1 and chat with a sales person.

Option 2) Call your POS Dealer or ISO and ask for AdaptPAY, if they can’t help, we can anytime.

Option 3) Order your devices here, then call to set up an account.



Is pre-ordering the only option for getting terminals?

Yes, at this time we do not have enough units in stock to keep up with demand. Pre-ordering allows us to judge how much inventory will be needed.  Each pre-order should allow 4-5 weeks for delivery, from the order date, as each unit is made per order. Orders will happen every two weeks, please refer to your order form for the order date. The terminals can only be ordered from AdaptPOS.

Dejavoo Z1’s: You may order the Dejavoo Z1 for us or any other provider. However, they can only be configured (downloaded) from us as we have a specific configuration required.

What Processors can you work with today?





What paper roll is used for the AdaptPAY terminal and where can I order it?

A paper roll of 2 1/4″ x 30′ fits well and coreless rolls last longer. Use this link to order rolls, our cases are 100 rolls each.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

Blue Cheetah – 1 Yr warranty – Shipping is not included in any warranty.

Dejavoo Z1 – 1 yr warranty – Shipping is not included in any warranty.

How mobile is the device?

Using Wifi you can take it anywhere within the confines of your wireless connection. Using 3G/4G you can take it anywhere the carrier’s data plan allows. The AdaptPAY software is registered to a specific software instance so all orders will only work with that specific instance either in the location or across the continent depending on your need. Brick-and-mortar restaurants, QSR, food trucks, conferences, catering, deliveries, etc. are examples of what AdaptPAY is designed for.

How do I charge the device?

Blue Cheetah: The battery is charged by plugging it in through the micro USB connection on the side of the device or resting it on the dock. Average battery charges are approximately 19 hours.

We are a vendor looking to add your solution to our software, how do we integrate with you?

First, thank you for taking an interest, we know you’ll love it. Second, let’s have a chat.

Send us an email at support, we’ll send over mutual NDA’s, then we can schedule a call about the best way to integrate.

Midnight Oil Systems LLC dba AdaptPOS

What is the reason for developing AdaptPAY?

AdaptPAY started out as a reporting portal that bridged great point-of-sale softwares with EMV terminals from various manufacturers.  AdaptPAY started to change drastically once we realized that many of the EMV terminal providers held non-sensitive information unnecessarily. We decided that in order to change the market we had to show them the way. As an added bonus we found that much point-of-sale software’s needed an easy path to EMV certification in a wireless and 4G cellular way.

Our philosophy is: EMV terminals should not be tethered with a cord.

Where is AdaptPOS located?

We are headquartered in Denver CO. However, most of our staff work throughout the USA.

What is the AdaptPAY Terminal a.k.a. The Cheetah Specifications?
  • Android 5.1
  • Quad Core 1.2 Ghz
  • 6 inch Capacitive Touch
  • 3.7V/ 6000mAh Lithium battery – Average Charge is 19 hours
  • Built-in 58mm thermal printer
  • Wireless or 4G
  • EMV 
  • Magstripe MSR – this can be used for reading a Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • NFC for all mobile wallet payments of dip cards
  • AdaptPAY Software

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Can you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. For all international orders, please inquire by sending an email to Sales.

Dealer / ISO

How can I become a Dealer / ISO for Adapt products?

Please fill out the dealer form. Once approved please send us your resale tax license. All Dealer / ISO information is confidential and a signed agreement between both parties is mandatory.

As a Dealer / ISO can we use our own processing relationships?

Yes and we hope you do. Adapt offers processing to merchants that need it, but will not compete with our Dealer / ISO relationships. Your merchants are protected as your merchants. We don’t know the author of this quote but its how we look at all business. “Success will come and go, but integrity is forever!”


How does your subscription software work?

AdaptPAY is billing monthly, with one month in advance. This means your first payment is billed twice, so that if a payment is ever missed we have approximately 30 days to find a remedy and your service isn’t ended abruptly. AdaptGIFT is included in all AdaptPAY or AdaptMS accounts, however, if you are just interested in using the AdaptGIFT software alone, that is an option also.

Will I get a tracking number for my order?

Yes, When we get our shipments it takes about 7 days to unload, test, configure and ship all current orders. After your initial order is placed we will be sending you a ‘procedure’ form that needs to be filled out and sent back with important information such as Wifi Passwords, Network names, etc.

When your order is about to be shipped we will notify you that everything is configured and ready to ship. This is your chance to let us know if anything has changed (i.e. an internet company change) – then you can follow the progress of your shipment via a tracking number until your package arrives.

Once you unpack your new product. It should work almost immediately, with small adjustments. A training guide will be included and a support stickers will be affixed to all devices.

We want your experience to be as painless and simple as possible!

Is there any 'added' transaction costs with AdaptPAY?

Nope, Nada, No Way!

AdaptPAY is a monthly service only, we do not charge per transaction. That said, every new software relationship we make has its own rules and we are only half of the relationship. If your POS or Gateway software requires a transaction fee to use the service, then we can not control or stop this. We are a transparent company, meaning if this was the case, we would advise our merchants of this fact. To date, no vendor has asked for a per transaction fee.


If I don't like the AdaptPAY solution, can I return it?

Of course,  please email Support for an RMA number, then follow the instructions to return it after your RMA is approved.

Services or Subscriptions will not be returned. This includes monthly or yearly pre-paid subscriptions.

Also, certain package deals or hardware offers may not allow for returns, this would be noted on the offer.

Refunds on hardware will be determined on the condition of the returned items, any items not in a new or like-new condition with original packaging, can not be returned. A restocking fee may apply.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please contract us at Support