Our Story


Midnight Oil Systems, LLC d.b.a. AdaptPOS was established in 2012 to create products to service the Point-of-Sale industry (POS). We quickly realized that in order to bring great products we needed to integrate ideas from the payments industry into the POS industry, AdaptPAY is our second invention with our first being AdaptGIFT.

Today we seek to bridge an understanding between these two industries so that both have a standard by which to start from. We aim to bring them closer to newer technologies and a better class of products that ‘talk’ to each other with more ease.

AdaptPOS products are built as a software-as-a-service model tailored to service brick-and-mortar shops to large enterprise businesses.

We aim to partner with many POS software to enable them a wide, easy adoption of EMV and Gift, oriented products.


Our Staff

Richard Bennett - CIO & Co-founder

Todd Brokenshire - CEO & Co-Founder

Aja Fear - Sales