AdaptPAY is a New Generation of EMV Technology

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Features of AdaptPAY


Droid Rocks!

Android Based Solution that mimics a POS system or Gateway

Printer on board

That’s right we have a baby printer on board, we try to meet the POS receipt as close a possible.

3 Step EMV

Our process flow EMV software takes the thinking out of EMV and get your patrons on their way, faster.

Wireless or 4G

We think tethering a terminal with a wire is so old fashioned, we want this baby to travel with you.


Options to choose from: TSYS (Hosted)

Delivery or Catering?

AdaptPAY is so different that we have thought of everything. Take Adapt with you, the only limit is our country boarders.

More Secure

AdaptPAY is integrated with style! No need to drop firewalls or punch holes in your network, we talk a completely different language which keeps you safer.


Tip? or No Tip?

Adapt realizes the world needs choices, AdaptPAY lets your patron add a tip now or your server can do it later.

Man You're Fast

Well, thank you! I was designed that way. I’m also really easy to integrate with.


While our main unit ‘the little boy blue’ gets certified to your favorite processor we will pair it with this sexy pin pad

Pricing Determined by the POS Software

AdaptPAY Focuses on the Customer